Summer 2022 Plein air painting

Summer of 20222 has sure been a hot one but I’ve had a chance to get out in the mornings around Chatham and get some days outside painting. We’ve also been on a few camping trips and I always bring some sort of sketching kit along with me. Mornings tend to be the best time to get outside and paint before the heat starts to kick in. Since I paint in acrylics, I have to be aware of the drying time of my paints on the palette.  

Here are a few paintings from around the Chatham area: 

In late June, we took our Teardrop camper to Westport, MA, and camped at the state park next to Horseneck Beach. There were some gorgeous scenes around town as well as an Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary. I spent a couple of mornings in the new surrounding with my sketch kit painting from life.  The light is similar to the Cape here with amazing sunsets and bright captains houses in the older part of town.   

Here are a few paintings from around the Westport, MA area: 

As the fall approaches and the temperatures cool a bit, I will be spending more mornings and afternoons by the shore painting from life. I’ve been painting outside for over 10 years and really have my equipment dialed in for quick grab-and-go painting with these handmade pochade-style easels. 

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